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Open Day & School Tour


Open Day and School Tour

Open Day

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure at GIS Open Day on September 23rd, 2023! Inspired by the captivating tale of "A House for Hermit Crab" by Eric Carle, we invite you to join us as we embark on a thrilling learning journey together! Let's dive into the wondering and spectacle ocean that is full of challenges, courage and love for the growing Hermit Crab! Discover the perfect home for our own learning adventures, creating cherished memories along the way! 


Discover how our exceptional learning environment cultivates independence, confidence, and a passion for learning among students, aligning with the IB learner profile attributes. Gain valuable insights into selecting a suitable school while allowing your child to directly experience the engaging and enriching educational opportunities through GIS. 


Theme: "Start the learning journey at GIS" inspired by Eric Carle's story "A House for Hermit Crab" 

School Tour

GIS conducts school tours for parents. Interested parents may schedule a tour online. We recommend that families make an appointment at least one week in advance. Priority is given to potential applicants for 2023/24 and 2024/25 school year. Please note that all tours are conducted in English.

We encourage parents to submit their duly completed application form before 30 November 2023. Upon receipt of the completed application, we will schedule the children for an interview. Kindly note that the first round of interviews will start in November. Application for Pre nursery, K1-K3 can be completed through our Online Central Application.

伽利利國際學校幼稚園及幼兒園是一間基督教,及IB國際文憑認可學校,提供全面 IB小學項目課程給2-6歲兒童,以全英語配合廣話/普通話中文課程教學。 家長可在此預約學校導覽,可多加了解本校課程、教學方式以及本校師生。

2023/24及2024/25年度學前課程及K1至K3課程現正接受報名,我們鼓勵家長在2023年11月30日前提交網上報名表, 請透過網上中央入學報名表報名。一旦收到完整的申請,我們將安排面試。第一輪面試將於11月開始。

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