We make every earnest effort to ensure a smooth transition of Galilee International School (GIS) students from Kindergarten to both International and Local primary schools.

We are working closely with some International primary schools. We are currently building up relationships with a few of them. GIS is also part of an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) network for Asia-Pacific.


Regular visits, admission seminars and pre-interview visits will be arranged for K2 and K3 students. For interested K2 and K3 students, a preparation for primary program will be introduced, focusing on Language/Literacy, Numeracy and Critical Thinking.

For those who consider Local primary schools, we will make sure they have full information about the process of Primary One Admission (POA) arranged by Education Bureau (EDB), and information and procedures of applying DSS (Direct Subsidy Scheme) or private primary schools.

In addition, we conduct enhancement programs including advanced Chinese learning. The programs build on skills such as problem solving, communication, attitudes and manners for K3 students to aid them in overcoming challenges of local primary school’s interviews.


Our graduates go to International Primary Schools such as:


  • ESF Beacon Hill School (英基學校畢架山小學)

  • Renaissance College (啓新書院)

  • Australian International School (香港澳洲國際學校) 

  • Stamford American School Hong Kong (香港 Stamford 美國學校)

  • Christian Alliance International School (CAIS) (宣道國際學校)1

  • Island Christian Academy (港島基督教學校) 2

  • International Christian School (基督教國際學校)

  • Hong Kong Academy (香港學堂)

  • Logos Academy (香港華人基督教聯會真道書院)

  • Think International School (朗思國際學校)

  • American International School (AIS) (美國國際學校)

  • Korean International School (KIS) (韓國國際學校)

  • HKCA Po Leung Kuk School (保良局建造商會學校)

  • Japanese International School (香港日本人學校)

  • International College Hong Kong (康樂園國際學校)

  • Kellett School (啟歷學校)

  • Malvern College Hong Kong (香港墨爾文國際學校)

  • ESF : Kowloon Junior Schho (英基九龍小學)

  • ESP : Beacon Hill School (英基畢架山小學)


Our Graduates receive offers from Local Primary Schools such as:

  • La Salle Primary School (喇沙小學)

  • St. Mary's Canossian School (嘉諾撒聖瑪利學校)

  • St. Rose of Lima's School (聖羅撒小學)

  • PLK Camoes Tan Siu Lin Primary School (保良局陳守仁小學)

  • King’s College Old Boys Association Primary School (英皇書院同學會小學)

  • Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary & Primary School (香港浸會大學附屬學校王錦輝中小學)

  • St. Francis Of Assisi's English Primary School (聖方濟各英文小學)

  • Yau Ma Tei Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) (油蔴地天主教小學(海泓道)

  • Lai Chi Kok Catholic Primary School (荔枝角天主教小學)

  • PLK Mrs. Chan Nam Chong Memorial Primary School (保良局陳南昌夫人小學)

  • Logos Academy (香港華人基督教聯會真道書院)

  • Evangel College Primary School (播道書院)

  • International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School (國際基督教優質音樂中學暨小學)

  • Hop Yat Church School  (合一堂學校)


(Updated: Feb 2020)

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