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Campus & Facilities


GIS Galilee International School Kindergarten Library

The most important goal of our school library is to encourage students to read and teach them about literature. The purpose of our library is to stimulate reading for pleasure, guide towards good reading habits and stimulate lifelong learning through the love of reading. 

Our library also supports the curriculum through the purchase of materials that are appropriate for the age and instructional needs of the staff. A variety of reading promotions (i.e. Book Character Day, Reading Week, Library Day, Bookathon) aim to encourage and support literacy. 


School Hall GIS Galilee International School Kindergarten

The state-of-the-art school hall is an expansive and multi-purpose space. It is where chapel and large gatherings such as christmas concert, graduation ceremony as well as parent workshops take place.


Indoor & Outdoor Playground GIS Galilee International School Kindergarten

We have an attractive indoor and outdoor playground space that promotes whole-person development. They cater to a wide range of activities such as running, jumping, climbing and rolling. The play areas provide hours of fun and opportunities to learn science, math and social studies in a dynamic, hands-on manner while promoting gross and fine motor development.


Music Corner GIS Galilee International School Kindergarten

The Music Corner is a place where our students can learn to move and groove to fun beats and rhythm. Students will get to sing and dance to their favorite educational songs. Through activities that use finger play, lyrics or full body movements, students will be encouraged to immerse into a world of music. A diverse range of instruments like the African Drums, Bongos, Guitar, Piano, Sexophone, Tambourine, bells and shakers will enrich their musical journey creating enjoyable experiences along the way.

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