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Children of GIS will have their spiritual side nurtured through our intricately-made Bible studies.

Bible study will be tailored to their level and taught in a lively approach. The Bible study curriculum teaches children the entire Bible and how to apply it to their lives. Through fun interactive activities, illustrated Bible stories, review systems and more, children go beyond the surface to learn the wisdom of God’s word.

The Bible study curriculum covers the fundamental teachings and guidance from the Bible, studying the Old Testament and New Testament each year. By the end of their studies, children should be well-equipped for local Christian and Catholic primary schooling. On the other hand, they should be able to fully spread the faith and love of God in all aspects of their lives.


GIS的《聖經課程》涵蓋了聖經的基本教導和指導, 包括舊約和新約。在學習的結束時,學生經已為當地的基督教和天主教小學教育做好了充分的準備。另一方面,他們應該能夠在生活的各個方面充分傳播上帝的信仰和愛。

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