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We fully embrace and encourage parental involvement at GIS and understand how it strengthens our program and the lives of our children. A rich home- school connection demonstrates to children that we are all working toward the same goals and makes the lessons we impart at school even more significant and enduring.

We invite parents and grandparents to become our partners in their children’s education by always welcoming them into our school, including them in holiday celebrations, and encouraging them to visit classrooms to share their areas of special interest and expertise. We cherish the warm relationship we enjoy with our parents that is regularly nurtured through such programs as Room Mom.

We educate parents about our unique educational philosophy and keep them abreast of activities in their children’s classrooms through Seesaw (an online digital portfolio and parent communication platform). Parents learn precisely how we weave the educational disciplines together through written descriptions of activities of their children engaged in learning throughout the day. Through newsletters, families also attain important information such as the dates of school celebrations and holiday events. Newsletters are our opportunity to provide parents a window into how their children spend their day at our school.

Parents may also login on our kindergarten website to find updates on our school. A communications e-portal is developed to keep parents informed about the school. It provides instant access to the information needed. The tools will be continuously updated so parents should check back often.

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