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for younger children from 12-24 months

Playgroup Program

In collaboration with Galilee Early Education & Learning Center, we offer classes for younger children from 12 months to 24 months to be equipped for Pre-nursery and Kindergarten, with English as the Medium of Instruction.


All classes follow the IB PYP (Primary Years Program) framework. Children explore their environment and learn about their world through play and relationships with peers, teachers, family and community members. Early learning in the PYP is a holistic learning experience that integrates socio-emotional, physical and cognitive development. In the PYP classroom, it takes place in dynamic environments that promote play, discovery and exploration. 

To register for the above programmes, please visit Galilee Early Education & Learning Center

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課程遵循IB PYP(小學預備課程)框架。孩子們透過遊戲和與同伴、教師、家人和社區成員的關係,探索他們的環境並了解世界。在PYP中的早期學習是一個全面的學習體驗,整合了社交情感、身體和認知發展。在PYP教室中,學習發生在促進遊戲、發現和探索的動態環境中。


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