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for children from 21 months to 6 years old

Period: All school semesters

Schedule: 5 days per week

Age: 21 months to 6 years old

Time: 1:00pm - 3:30pm

The GIS Afternoon Extension Programme (AEP) is a five-day programme that allows students to take part in different activities every day. The classes are carefully designed to give children an array of hands-on and interactive learning opportunities.


Our AEP 2.0 Class is designed for all levels from Orientation Level (21 months and above) to K3. Parents may choose to either enrol daily or on a monthly basis. Furthermore, GIS has enhanced the AEP curriculum to ensure we provide the best learning opportunity for our students.

Weekly schedule as follow:




對象: 21個月至6歲

GIS課後伸延課程(AEP)是一個為期五天的課程,讓學生每天參與不同的活動。精心設計的課程,為同學們提供豐富的實踐和互動學習機會。我們的AEP 2.0課程適用於(21個月及以上)到K3的所有年級,家長可以選擇每日或每月報名。此外,GIS已經改進了AEP課程,以確保為學生提供最佳的學習機會。​


Asset 17-8.png

Our AEP 2.0 language program aims to improve conversational, creative writing, and phonetic skills in an enjoyable and comfortable environment. The program focuses on encouraging children to use English in their daily lives and is structured around reading comprehension, storytelling, and other activities.


K2 and K3 children enhance their presentation skills by presenting to other teachers, with recordings sent to parents every four classes. Creative writing and phonics activities are also included, with opportunities for independent and teacher-led work.


Our goal is to build confidence in students' language abilities through a comprehensive and engaging approach to learning English.

我們的AEP 2.0語言課程旨在在一個愉快舒適的環境中提高學生的會話、創意寫作和音標技巧。課程重點鼓勵學生在日常生活中使用英語,並以閱讀理解、講故事和其他活動為基礎進行結構化教學。




The Creative Development Program for AEP 2.0 provides children with a diverse range of opportunities to explore their creativity, build confidence, and develop their skills through music and movement, dramatic role-play, and arts. The program aims to help children reach their full potential by encouraging creative expression.

We are pleased to inform you that your children will have the opportunity to showcase their dance moves at the end of every 10 classes. Please note that the dance performance is only available for children in K1 to K3 class, and there will be no performance for PN children. We will confirm the date and time of the performance with you as soon as possible.

AEP 2.0的創意發展計劃為學生提供了多樣化的機會,通過音樂和動作、戲劇角色扮演以及藝術來探索創造力,建立自信心和發展技能。計劃旨在通過鼓勵創意表達,幫助孩子充分發揮他們的潛能。



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At AEP 2.0, we recognize the importance of numeracy development for students. As such, we have developed a comprehensive numeracy program that is designed to enhance our students' mathematical skills in a fun and engaging way.

Our numeracy program is based on the Mathematical Scope and Sequence guide from the IB PYP framework. This guide provides a structured and comprehensive approach to teaching mathematics that ensures students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and skills.


我們的數學計劃根據IB PYP框架的《數學範圍和順序》 ,提供了一種結構化和全面的數學教學方法,確保學生對數學概念和技能有深入的理解。

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PN & K1 (Level 1)

Our Chinese class provides an extensive range of activities to allow our PN and K1 to immerse in a fun, hands-on and comfortable environment when learning Mandarin.
Pre-nursery and K1 level children will focus on enhancing fluency and confidence through storytelling, and dramatic role-play activities
Through singing and reciting songs, children will build the foundation needed to develop self-confidence and express themselves in Mandarin.




P2 & K3 (Level 2)

Recital performance plays a pivotal role in building K2 and K3 children’s confidence in using Mandarin in a formal and social setting. This approach aims to develop children's linguistic skills through self-confidence and expression
Interview preparation plays an essential part in K2 and K3. Our Chinese class programme allows our children to introduce and express themselves in Mandarin, in preparation for primary school interviews. 



The STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and math) offer many opportunities for children to use their minds and hands to play, explore, and learn. Research shows that giving children exposure to quality, hands-on STEM learning opportunities is so important and familiarity with STEAM concepts early on is a key predictor of children’s school success.


At GIS, our activities are carefully planned to ensure they are age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate.

STEAM科目(科學、技術、工程、藝術和數學)提供了許多機會,讓學生們動腦動手進行遊戲、探索和學習。研究 表示,讓孩子接觸高質量、實踐性的STEM學習機會非常重要,而早期熟悉STEAM概念是預測孩子在學校成功學習的關鍵因素之一。


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Class Schedule

5-Day Program    Monday to Friday  |  1:30 pm - 3:30 pm |   $4,500 per month

Trial Class/ Single class  |    $350 per class

Please contact our school via email at or phone at 2390 3000 for registration and more information about our Afternoon Extension Program. 

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