for children from 2-6 years

Period: All school semesters

Schedule: 5 days per week

Time: 1:00pm - 3:30pm

GIS Afternoon Extension Programme (AEP) allows students to take part in different activities every day. The classes are carefully designed to give children an array of hands-on and interactive learning opportunities.


Starting from January 2021, AEP will be extended to our Pre-nursery students. Parents may choose to either enrol daily or a monthly basis. Furthermore, GIS has enhanced the AEP curriculum to ensure we provide the best learning opportunity to our students. The class timetable has been attached below for your reference.

Weekly schedule as follow:


Our students will practice their conversational, creative writing and phonetic skills. The programme aims to provide a comfortable environment for children to brush up on their language skills and use English in their day-to-day lives.


The language class is designed based on a reading comprehension lay-out where children will first listen to a story then complete assigned work and activities.


Students will have the opportunity to work alongside the teacher independently during ‘Small Group and Individual Learning Time’. Every Monday, children will review the letters and sounds with the assigned teacher. 

Our Creative Development activities includes:

  • Expression Art

  • DIY Musical Instrument

  • Sing-along Activities

  • Music Class

  • Artist Study

  • Sensory Art

  • Role Play

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Our students will solve problems using riddles, puzzles and real-life experience. The curriculum used to enhance our students’ mathematics skills derives from the ‘Mathematical Scoop and Sequence’ guide from the IB PYP framework.

  • Number recognition and counting skills

  • Introduction to Mental Maths

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PN & K1 (Level 1)

Our Chinese class provides an extensive range of activities to allow our PN and K1 to immerse in a fun, hands-on and comfortable environment when in learning Mandarin.


Pre-nursery and K1 level children will focus on enhancing fluency and confidence through storytelling, and dramatic role-play activities. 


Through singing and reciting songs, children will build the foundation needed to develop self-confidence and express themselves in Mandarin.   


To introduce traditional Chinese characters, our specialist teachers will play games and read classic stories to build a rich knowledge of character strokes and recognition. 

P2 & K3 (Level 2)

Our Chinese class will focus on enhancing children's recital skills, interview skills and correct identification and sounding of characters. 


Recital performance plays a pivotal role in building K2 and K3 children’s confidence in using Mandarin in a formal and social setting. This approach aims to develop children linguistic skills through self-confidence and expression


Interview preparation plays an essential part in K2 and K3. Our Chinese class programme will allow our children to introduce and express themselves in Mandarin, in preparation for primary school interviews. 

The STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, math) offer many opportunities for children to use their minds and hands to play, explore, and learn. Research shows that giving children exposure to quality, hands-on STEM learning opportunities is so important and familiarity with STEM concepts early on is a key predictor of children’s school success.


At GIS, our activities are carefully planned to ensure they are age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate.

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Please contact our school via email at or phone at 2390 3000 for registration and more information about our Afternoon Extension Program.