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Global Education

We are committed to global education and inspiring children with a variety of global issues to prepare for their global citizenship. Education is no longer confined to academics but transcends geographic boundaries. Our teachers will provide group time to keep children engaged in discussing different aspects of global issues. Through this interactive and theme-based teaching methodology, children will learn life skills such as problem-solving, coping with adversity, communication skills and time management.

我們致力於全球教育,通過激發同學們對各種全球議題的興趣,培養他們的全球公民意識。教育不再僅限於學術,而是超越地理界限。 我們提供充足的小組討論時間,讓同學參與討論全球議題。通過互動和主題導向的教學方法, 提升學生解決問題的能力、應對逆境的能力、溝通技巧和時間管理能力。

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