for toddlers and children from 2-6Y


Summer Program 2022 


Children 2-6 Years Old  |  Period: July 18 to August 19 | 3 days or 5 days per week

Time: 9:00a.m. - 12:00p.m.

"5 Weeks of fun-filled adventures!"


Have you ever wanted to swim in the ocean mermaids? Have you ever wanted to explore the jungle? or sail across the ocean with pirates? Why not join us in our 5-weeks fun-filled extravaganza! Our summer camp combines inquiry-based learning with a perfect balance of academics. Our students will celebrate their learning every Friday with a Summer Camp Dress-up Party! 


GIS has planned their summer program based on children's favorite theme this year! Our children will step into the land of imagination and creativity through hands-on experiences and fun-filled activities. 


Join us and explore, inquire and discover!

Activities include: 

Our Summer Camp program comprises six learning subjects for our children to explore and learn. 


  1. STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking skills.  

  2. Mindfulness: Learn how to promote self-regulating through understanding own emotions and understand the key teaching philosophy of Mindfulness through breathing exercises, children's yoga, and expression dance. 

  3. Creative Development: Exploring a wide range of unique methods and materials for creating art!  

  4. Music & Movement: Exploring the beauty of different genres of music and understanding the fundamentals in music theories and practices. 

  5. Language Development: Enhance reading, writing, and comprehension skills to unleash your child's creativity and imagination through different storybooks. GIS planned letter recognition and hand-eye coordination for our younger students to encourage letter formation.  

  6. Cantonese & Mandarin: Develop fluency in reading, speaking, and writing through role-play and storytelling sessions.


Weekly Theme

Week 1: Pre-historic World of Ice Age & Dinosaurs

For the first week of our Summer Camp, children will take on the role of an archaeologist and explore dinosaurs' types and characteristics. And explore frozen artifacts! 


Week 2: Galatic Explorer 

On the second week of our Summer Camp, children will explore the solar system and the many beautiful planets. Our students will build their spaceships and explore the galactic universe with their friends and teachers. 


Week 3: Pirates & Discovery 

Treasure hunts, sailing, and exploring seashells are just a few adventures our children will take in Week 3! Our children will be little explorers and work together to find the hidden treasure at school! 


Week 4: Mythical Creatures 

In Week 4, our children will create their mythical creatures in their fantasy land! Using what they have learned in the previous themes to help shape their knowledge and understanding in the land of imagination! 


Week 5: Super Kids

Super Kids will be the final theme of the summer camp! Super Kids theme celebrates our individuality and understands the importance of community and respect! 



$2800 (5 days)

$2500 (3 Days) 

Enroll for more than 3 weeks and get a 5% discount

Early bird special 5% off on or before 10 June 2022

Bring a friend and sign up together to get an extra 5% discount!


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