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Admission Policy:

  • In case of red & black rainstorm warnings, or typhoon signal 3 or above, or any enforced closure beyond our control, all classes for that day will be cancelled. In such cases, no refund or make-up class can be made.

  • No make-up classes or refund can be made for no show or sick leave.

  • When we confirm your place, crossed checks must be received within 3 working days or the place will be released to other students.

  • In addition, we reserve the right to introduce further rules and regulations as and when required. All these have, as their basis, a concern for the welfare, safety, and development of students, and the efficient operation of the school.

  • There is a minimum of 3 children to open a class; the maximum class size will be 10 children.


School Fee Policy:

  • School Fees are payable in advance.

  • When a child enters GIS during the term, the fee will be calculated on a monthly basis.

  • Fees are payable by term, in advance. No refund will be provided for students withdrawing after a class commences, and fees are nontransferrable.

  • Please submit this form together with

    • a cheque made payable to “GIS (Ho Man Tin)” or

    • bank transfer to our HSBC account. Account name: G(HMT) CL T/A (HMT)  Account number: 023-236516-001


    **Please email us the receipt with your child name on it for our records

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