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Welcome to Galilee International School (GIS)!


It is a great honour to be a part of Galilee International School leading the students into the 2022/ 2023 year! I’m Mr. Ben, the Director of Education and at GIS, we pride ourselves in nurturing independent, creative, curious, critical thinkers who take initiative in their own learning. As an IB World School implements the world-renowned IB curriculum, your child will be better prepared for the world of tomorrow and more able to communicate their thoughts and speak up for themselves.

GIS offers a broad and challenging programme to prepare your child for the demands of a modern and fast-evolving world. We foster an intellectually challenging environment in which young people are offered opportunities to develop, academically, emotionally and socially, recognizing that they have individual needs and the rights to develop as a whole person.


We are committed to high standards of academic quality. We are multicultural and internationally oriented school. We are comprised of young people and educators from different countries bringing different cultures and languages together in an atmosphere of respect, co-operation and achievement.


At GIS, we believe growing your child’s good morals and character is essential. To foster such character, within our programme we also introduce Biblical stories so your child will grow in their social skills (including joy, peace, patience, speaking and listening skills), decision-making abilities (righteousness, integrity, gentleness, self-control) and virtue (love, kindness and goodness).   

Just as we learn in Matthew 28, we want children to:

- come to Galilee

- bravely go all throughout the world
- proclaim good news and love their fellow neighbours

GIS holistic curricular approach gives children roots and wings in their learning journey. Our curriculum frees the students to discover while bringing structure and grounding to their early years' schooling. All activities are carefully planned with sound early childhood education research in mind. With highly qualified, passionate teachers and small class sizes, we ensure that your child has the attention they need to thrive. GIS seeks to maximize your child's potential, and to cater needs to be successful in international as well as local primary schools.


We look forward to partnering with parents to provide the best experience for your child's education and development here at GIS.



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