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"The Wizard of OZ" Summer Camp
5 Weeks of fun-filled adventures at GIS!

July 17 - August 18, 2023 | FOR CHILDREN AGED 1-6

Step into the world of heroic adventures and imagination at Galilee International School's Summer Camp. Join us for an unforgettable journey as we explore the mysteries of the enchanted realm and embark on epic quests in 'The Land of Magic and Adventure' at Wizard of OZ Summer Camp. Our five-week program will unlock the wisdom of the mystical arts, reveal the wonders of the enchanted world, and take campers on a journey they will never forget. Get ready to unleash your imagination, forge new friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Through our summer program, children will embark on an adventure inspired by "The Wizard of Oz" and experience a journey filled with excitement and wonder. From the Magic Kingdom to the magical school, from a mysterious island to the natural world, children will grow and develop as they face various challenges and obstacles. They'll learn important qualities such as courage, friendship, perseverance, and teamwork, while also discovering their creativity and imagination. This is a true adventure that will not only provide children with knowledge and skills, but also leave them with unforgettable memories and a solid foundation for their future growth and development. Let's embark on this "Wizard of Oz"-inspired adventure together, experience the magical world, and explore infinite possibilities!

Activities include the followings:

  • Sensory Experiences (感官體驗): Children will learn about the world around them and develop their cognitive and social-emotional skills through exploration and sensory play.

  • Interactive Music and Movement (音樂律動): Investigate the beauty of different genres of music and understand the fundamentals of music theories and practices.

  • Creative Arts and Crafts (創意美藝): Children will explore a wide range of unique methods and materials for creating art that encourage imagination, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

  • Provocation Learning Activity (啟發性學習): Children will engage in games or challenges that require them to think critically and solve problems creatively to develop their reasoning, decision-making, and communication skills.

  • Language Development (英文閱讀): Enhance our student's reading, writing, and comprehension skills to unleash their creativity and imagination through different storybooks. 

  • Cantonese & Mandarin (廣東話和普通話): Develop fluency in reading, speaking, and writing through role-play and storytelling sessions.


Weekly Themes:

Week 1: A Tale of Enchantment 魔法王國的傳說 (17th July 2023 – 21st July 2023)

Enter the enchanting Land of wizards and magic and step into a world of wonder where fairy tales come to life! Join us on a journey of magic and enchantment as we explore the stories of heroic princes and daring princesses, cunning enchantresses and magical apples. Discover the power of courage, the magic of kindness, and the wisdom of making the right choices in this week of enchantment and wonder.


Week 2: A Tale of Sorcerous Wonders 魔法藥水的秘密 (24th July 2023 – 28th July, 2023)

Enter the world of magic schools and learn the secrets of the mystical arts! Join us for a week of adventure as we study the ancient art of magic. Explore the magical world of sorcerers and wizards, and discover the secrets of spells and potions.


Week 3: A Tale of Heroic Adventure 英雄冒險的事蹟 (31st July 2023 – 4th August 2023)

Fly to a mysterious land and embark on an epic journey! Experience a week of magic and wonder as we explore the mysteries of a mysterious island. Join our team of brave heroes, including Dorothy, Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion, as we face daring challenges and unexpected surprises. Whether you dream of soaring through the land and discovering new worlds or testing your limits with our heroic team, this week promises to be an unforgettable journey. Come along and let your imagination take flight!


Week 4: A Tale of Mysterious Quests 神秘探險的任務 (7th August 2023 – 11th August 2023)

Unleash the Power of Natural Disaster. Explore the science behind natural disasters and witness the heroic efforts of first responders and emergency personnel. Through immersive simulations and hands-on STEAM activities, develop the skills and strategies needed to thrive in the face of the nature's fury. Embark on daring quests with us to uncover the secrets of the natural world.

Week 5: A Tale of Treasure Hunting 夢幻尋寶之旅 (14th August,2023 – 18th August 2023)

Find the treasure of the Emerald City. Overcome challenges and obstacles similar to those faced by Dorothy and her friends, using skills and teamwork to discover magical creatures, mysterious puzzles, and hidden clues. Learn valuable lessons about courage, friendship, and perseverance as you move closer to the ultimate goal of finding the treasure. Don't miss out on this exciting journey and the riches and rewards that await you at the end of the rainbow.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to create unforgettable summer memories!

Register your child for our "Wizard of Oz" summer camp today.


For children aged 2-6:

$2890 | 5 Days per week | 9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m
$2700 | 3 Days per week | 9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m

For children aged 1-2:

$580 per week | 2 Days per week  | Mon & Wed  |  10:00 am - 11:00 am. 

$580 per week  | 2 Days per week | Tue & Thur  |  10:00 am - 11:00 am.  


Discount For GIS Students (GIS 在讀學生折扣)
- Enroll for more than three weeks to get 10% off
- Early bird special 5% off on or before 9 June 2023
- Bring a friend and sign up together to get an extra 5% discount!

*Maximum discount be given to each student is 15%*

Discount for outside students (外校學生折扣)
- Enroll for more than four weeks to get 5% off
- Early bird special 5% off on or before 9 June 2023
- Bring a friend and sign up together to get an extra 5% discount!

*Maximum discount be given to each student is 15%*

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